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Our Reserves

Hayle Park Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve is located within the Parish of Tovil near Maidstone. The site falls partially within the larger Loose Valley Conservation Area (LVCA) which includes an ‘L’ shaped piece of land extending from Boughton Quarries in the East, through Loose village to Tovil.

The site itself measures approximately 12 ha in size and forms part of the former grounds of Hayle Place, a Grade II listed residential property built during the mid-15th century, and renovated around 1750 with later Victorian additions.

Walnut Tree Meadows

In 2019, Hayle Park Nature Reserve Trust signed a 50 year lease with Maidstone Borough Council to manage the former landfill site at Dean Street. This site has been named after Walnut Tree Farm, which occupied the land, before it was used for landfill.

Hayle Park Nature Reserve

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